Energy sources are disappearing and the climate is changing all over the world.

Nearly 80% of world energy consumption (transport, industry, and heating)¹ is from fossil fuels (oil, coal, etc.). However, according to the International Energy Agency, oil reserves will be depleted by 2050, and gas reserves will be depleted by 2070. Global warming is related to the increase in greenhouse gases emitted by burning fossil fuels, and is a reality. If a proactive energy policy is not implemented, the earth's temperature could further increase by 1.8 to 4.0°C by 2100².

The situation in France

The growth in electricity demand
n France, electricity represents 42% of overall energy demand. The consumption of electricity is also increasing more than other forms of energy. The 10 historical consumption peaks observed by RTE, the French electricity transmission network manager, were recorded over the last 6 years. 

Where does this electricity come from?

In 2015, 76.3% of national electricity production was nuclear, 6.2% was "conventional" fossil-fired, 10.8% was hydraulic, 3.9% was onshore, and 1.4% was solar³.
Increasing renewable electricity production allows France to further diversify resources and thus increase its energy independence. This also results in reduced greenhouse gas emissions.


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