Wind farm installation


The wind farm will take 2 years to install. This phase will require a significant amount of resources for the construction and for logistics support. Offshore activities are complex and subject to meteorological conditions. To the extent possible, Ailes Marines will thus assemble parts and prepare the construction onshore.

There are six main stages of the offshore wind park installation:


  1.  Installation of the piles that receive the foundations: 4 piles driven into the seabed will hold the jacket foundations.
  2. Installation of the foundations that receive the wind turbines: The base of each jacket fits into the 4 piles.

  3. Installation of the electrical substation and its foundation: The electrical substation will be assembled onshore and transported separately from its foundation.

  4. Placing and burying submarine and underground cables: The cables connecting the wind farm to the electrical substation will be transported and installed by a specialised ship (a cable ship).

  5. Wind turbine installation: The 7 main wind turbine components will be transported by a barge or a self-elevating vessel that is equipped with a crane (the 3 mast sections and the nacelle with the rotor hub and 3 blades assembled).

  6. Testing and industrial commissioning of the wind farm: Prior to the start-up, a set of technical verifications is performed (some of which are performed in close collaboration with RTE, the network operator).



navire installation cables copyright AREVA_58765716.564744.jpg

Cable installation ship

Installation of the Alpha Ventus offshore wind farm