Wind turbines


The Bay of Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm will be composed of 62 Adwen AD8-180 wind turbines. Ailes Marines selected this wind turbine (8 MW of unit power) for many reasons, such as:

  • Less wind turbines can be used, which means a smaller public maritime footprint, all while reaching the capacity stated in the tender (between 480 and 500 MW).


  • Technological maturity and reliability—among the high-power turbine models designed to withstand maritime conditions, the 5 MW version of the Adwen turbines have already proved their reliability, since 2009, in the Alpha Ventus offshore wind farm (in Germany).


  • The optimisation of servicing operations—Adwen wind turbines are designed to reduce the frequency of on-site servicing operations, via a remote control system.

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