Cables and the offshore electrical substation


For the electricity produced by offshore wind turbines to be usable, it must be delivered to the public grid. Cables send electricity from each turbine to the offshore electrical substation. The electricity then connects to the mainland grid via a sea link, and then via a land link.

RTE manages the French public grid. It is the contracting authority and project manager for the surveys and construction for this connection.


Inter-turbine cable network

The cable network runs on 66,000 volts. It delivers the electricity produced by the turbines to the offshore electricity substation. The network has two types of cables:

  • Inter-turbine cables that connect up to 9 turbines together
  • Collection cables that deliver the production of groups of wind turbines to the offshore electrical substation. The cables will be buried when the seabed conditions are appropriate. If the conditions are not appropriate, rock-fill will protect the cables.


Offshore generating substation

The electrical substation is placed in the middle of the wind farm, on the jacket. It collects the energy produced by the wind turbines, and power transformers increase the voltage. The electricity produced is then sent to the two export cables, at 225,000 volts.


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Offshore generating substation Submarine cables