The operational phase is the period in which electricity is produced. This phase starts as soon as the first set of machines is installed, and lasts throughout the entire life cycle of the wind farm, until its dismantlement - in 2040 at the earliest.

During this phase, two closely linked operations will be performed: monitoring the electricity production (by Ailes Marines) and wind farm maintenance (by Adwen). Most of the maintenance, monitoring, verification, and management of logistics flows will be conducted from a so-called "service" port.

Three potential ports identified by Ailes Marines in 2011 are all relatively close to the wind energy farm and are in the Côtes-d'Armor, to ensure that the maintenance teams intervene as soon as possible. These ports are in Erquy, Saint-Cast-le-Guildo, and Saint-Quay-Portrieux. In the end, the Departmental Council voted to validate the Port of Saint-Quay-Portrieux in September 2013.


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Maintenance operation Intervention of a service vessel