Ports are key to the project

To manufacture the components of the wind farm, the factory locations must have a large accommodation and storage capacity, with easy maritime, land, and railway access.


Adwen has selected the port of Le Havre to build the AD8-180 wind turbines. This new manufacturing base will be composed of a nacelle assembly factory, a blade production factory, a test bench, and a pre-assembly and component storage zone.

In addition to the factories that Adwen owns, builds, and operates, many French companies (most of which are from the Grand Ouest geographical area) will jointly supply part of the 3,600 mechanical, electrical, and composite parts. The objective is to offer wind turbines made in France.


Identifying and supporting suppliers in Brittany

With the support of local socio-economic organisations, Ailes Marines and its partners have started to look for potential suppliers in France, especially in Brittany and the Grand Ouest geographical area. The idea is to offer regional SMEs opportunities to manufacture the various wind farm components.


To manufacture the wind turbines: Since 2011, Adwen has been identifying, bringing together, and partnering with industrial, socio-economic, and institutional stakeholders in Brittany and Normandy to potentially manufacture the wind turbines together. 

To build the foundations and the electrical substation: STX France would like the installation of a foundation factory in the port of Brest to help develop a large and specialised supplier network. As such, STX France is working to identify suppliers that are part of the economic fabric in Brittany and supporting them in getting them up to standard.


For the installation phase of the offshore wind farm, a similar process will be used.


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Nacelle and blade construction in Bremerhaven