The shared experience of IBERDROLA and EOLE-RES

IBERDROLA and RES have been working together on onshore wind projects in France since 2007. This experience has enabled both companies to put together an integrated project team for the Bay of Saint-Brieuc wind farm that combines the skills and expertise of both companies.  


The Consultation was held very early on

For Ailes Marines, the success of a project largely depends on the integration of aspects that can turn it into a local endeavour that is relevant. Since the end of 2009, over 250 meetings have been held with stakeholders: elected officials, socio-economic and marine stakeholders, and environmental and citizen associations. These meetings made it possible to incorporate the needs and expectations that they expressed concerning various aspects of the project. Some of these meetings were held by a renewables industry committee, working groups, and a local consultation body. The public debate made it possible to extend and complement the process with local consultation and informative measures that were kept after Ailes Marines confirmed that the project would be continued.