Landscape optimisation


The visual impact of the project is one of the major criteria in deciding where to install the offshore wind farm in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc. Indeed, several outstanding natural sites line the coast of the Bay. Ailes Marines has two objectives: blend the wind farm into the landscape, and keep the tourism sector dynamic. Tourism is the second leading industry in the department.


Taking this into account, Ailes Marines adopted an approach that stays as far from the coast as possible, within the bounds of the technical constraints, to limit the visibility of the wind turbines, especially for the sites classified as emblematic (such as Cape Erquy and Fréhel Cape). The closest wind turbine is thus 16.3 km from the coastline, and 77% of the machines are over 20 km from any point on the coast.

The photomontages that the firm Géophom put together for the landscape analysis may be viewed on this page.