Environmental considerations


The preliminary environmental studies that Ailes Marines conducted during the tender phase made it possible to design an environmentally friendly project. These studies were on the physical environment (currents, tides, swells, geology, sedimentology, water quality, etc.), the living environment (benthic flora and fauna, halieutic resources, marine mammals, birds, and bats), natural and heritage habitats, as well as the landscape.  


 The initial impacts that were identified incorporate all the phases of the wind farm life cycle—installation, operation, and dismantlement. There are measures to compensate for, reduce, and even eliminate these impacts.




 The main impacts of the installation phase are from placing the foundations and electrical cables. This creates noise and suspends the sediment again. These impacts could affect marine mammals, halieutic resources, and benthos (flora and fauna living on the seabed) in or close to the construction area. 

The planned technical options for the project (type of foundation, construction method, progressive start for the installation operations, water quality control, etc.) can reduce the potential impacts.





The potential impacts on the avifauna would mainly be felt in the operational phase, as the very tall structures could create a collision risk and change flight paths.