The development of a sustainable export industry


The development of the offshore wind industry creates skilled and sustainable jobs. Offshore wind deployment is slated to become a promising business sector in Europe: WindEurope considers that by 2020, the European wind industry could employ 354,000 people. It currently employs 253,000 people.


The Bay of Saint-Brieuc will also be part of the development of the offshore wind industry in France. This may also open doors and export markets to the companies involved.


The tender launched in 2011 led to the development of 1,928 MW (4 projects in all, including the Saint-Brieuc project). The government launched a second tender in 2013 for two zones: off the coast of Tréport and off the coast of the Yeu Islands and Noirmoutier, for a total of 1,000 MW installed between 2021 and 2023. In all of Europe, 40,000 MW are to be installed by 2020, starting with the United Kingdom.


With its export competitiveness and high quality, this budding French industry will remain strong on the markets of neighbouring countries.


The foothold of the consortium on the British market helps to create these opportunities. The port of Brest is an exceptional solution for manufacturing the foundations and the substation. Le Havre is also a robust solution for the Adwen installation. Both sites are ideally located to supply offshore wind projects in the southern UK.


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