Research and development


The region of Brittany is a trailblazer in marine renewables development. France Énergies Marines, an institute of excellence for low-carbon energy dedicated to marine renewables, and Pôle Mer Bretagne, an internationally oriented competitive cluster.

Ailes Marines wanted to support research by participating in the work of local stakeholders. In this spirit, the RESIBAD project aims to develop expertise and operational tools to describe and validate mechanisms for reducing submarine noise that is generated by noisy offshore operations (offshore construction, demining, etc.).

This project has already made it possible to improve knowledge on how bubble curtains impact the propagation of sound waves. Two different modelling methods have been designed, implemented, and digitally tested. The project is conducted in partnership with In Vivo, l’ENSTA Bretagne, and Altran. Progress has also been made in describing bubble curtains. 

This project is an important initial step in understanding the mechanisms for reducing submarine noise, an important stake in the development of offshore wind. It fulfils the following objectives of Ailes Marines:

  • Contribute to offshore wind research in Brittany
  • Use an innovative approach
  • Support the development of new industrial opportunities for the region

For further information: Presentation of the project on the Pôle Mer Bretagne website, Presentation video