Jobs created


The Bay of Saint-Brieuc project will create 2,000 direct jobs, mainly in the Grand Ouest geographical area. Up to 1,000 of these jobs could be in Brittany.


1,860 jobs will be devoted to manufacturing components and installing the offshore wind farm. 140 jobs will be related to servicing the wind farm during its operation.


The 1,860 jobs will be located in the Grand Ouest geographical area, and will be divided as follows:

>> 750 jobs for manufacturing wind turbines and their main components (generator, mast, etc.) in the Grand Maritime Port of Le Havre
>> 110 jobs for manufacturing other wind turbine components (machine-cut and mechanically welded parts, and electrical equipment), potentially in Brittany
>> 500 jobs for designing and manufacturing the jacket foundations in Brest
>> 200 jobs for designing and manufacturing the electrical substation in Brest
>> 300 jobs for the offshore installation phase (engineering, management, logistics, and strictly installation activities)

The production and maintenance follow-up operations will enable the creation of 140 direct jobs located in the port of Saint-Quay-Portrieux in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc for logistical and operational reasons. These are long-term jobs that will last throughout the entire project life (at least 20 years).

These jobs will be divided as follows:

>> 100 technicians responsible for maintenance operations
>> 20 sailors responsible for transporting maintenance staff and material, and for conducting boat maintenance
>> 20 supervisors responsible for production monitoring


The creation of 140 local long-term and specialised jobs will thus be a lever of socio-economic development.

In addition to these direct jobs, there are also indirect jobs related to industrial subcontracting and services (accommodation, catering, transport, etc.) for each fabrication, installation, and operations phase of the wind farm.