For Ailes Marines, the success of a project largely depends on the integration of aspects that enable it to build a truly local project. Ailes Marines has been organising meetings with stakeholders ever since the end of 2009, even before the government tender was published. Nearly 450 meetings have been planned since then, with elected officials, socio-economic and marine stakeholders, and environmental and citizen associations.
Since 11 January 2012, the date that the tender file was submitted to the CRE, Ailes Marines has continued and strengthened consultation with all stakeholders (local authorities, members of Parliament, citizen associations, and marine stakeholders), and has participated in sports and cultural events in Saint-Brieuc.
Based on this local dialogue, the consortium has developed and designed the offshore wind project in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc.



Consultation meeting with


the Jersey government

When the tender was announced, the Prefect of the Region of Brittany and  Région Brétagne decided to set up a "Committee on marine renewables in Brittany", steered by Bretagne Développement Innovation. This committee is the cornerstone of the dialogue mechanism. It enables Ailes Marines to take its project forward with the support of all local stakeholders (besides the general public).

The committee meets in various technical working groups. At the same time, a local consultation and monitoring body piloted by the Côtes-d'Armor Prefect and the Atlantic Maritime Prefect hold meetings, based on the project developments. This committee includes elected officials, professional and citizen organisations, and government departments.




All throughout the life cycle of the project, from its execution up through its dismantlement, Ailes Marines would like the dialogue with all local stakeholders to continue.