Ailes Marines SAS submitted a referral to the National Public Debate Commission ("CNDP"). As per the Law dated 27 February 2002, on 5 September 2012, the latter decided to plan a public debate, and entrusted the hosting and planning to the Specific Public Debate Commission ("CPDP").

Eleven public meetings were held between 28 March and 23 July 2013, from Paimpol to Matignon. The following subjects were explored with the general public:

  • Energy and landfall of the RTE cables
  • Industry and economic impacts
  • Environment
  • The construction and its safety and impacts
  • Impacts on marine stakeholders
  • Operations, servicing, safety/security
  • Visual impact of the project

The robust and lively debates were a way to inform and include citizens, elected officials, local authorities, economic stakeholders, and associations.
All of the presentations made, documents presented, and questions and answers from the debate are available on:  www.debatpublic-eoliennesenmer22.org

The minutes of the Specific Public Debate Commission and the National Public Debate Commission were published on 19 September 2013 and are available here.

Following the public debate, Ailes Marines published its decision on 12 December 2013. This decision is available on this link.